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         Art Horse was begun, essentially, on a whim.  
         I started it to showcase three subjects that fascinate me--Horses, Art, and History--thinking I would simply pour out my enthusiasm on the pages.  

         But I soon found that the stories I was working on became as much about inspiration, creativity, and spirit as they were about history and equine art.  

         In this magazine you'll be meeting people whose stories shine with entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, people who have overcome tremendous obstacles to pursue their dreams.  You'll be seeing images of things that are somebody's passion, whether that happens to be horses, history, sculpture, or photography. 

         It's been said that everything we do in life--even something seemingly insignificant--can potentially impact someone else for the better.  I believe that because of this, each of us has the capacity, albeit unknowingly, to be a profound inspiration to others.   

          I have always thought that Passion can be seen in what you do and in what you accomplish, and I think that hard work and determination will get you to your goals.  I believe these concepts even more since meeting the many people involved in getting these articles to you.  There is a kind of connection, I think, in all people who have a true passion for what they do. 

         If you ever feel as though you are losing your faith in humanity, run out and start a magazine.  You'll quickly begin to meet some really wonderful people.  

         I'm so happy that Art Horse has come to life.  I hope that you will be as inspired by these pages as I am.  

    Lyne Raff,
    Editor / Publisher 
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