Ex Arte Equinus International Equine Art Competition
(images juried to inclusion from 460+ total entries; unplaced images are in no particular order)
Painting Category  Judge: Sharlene Lindskog-Osorio
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1st Place
Shannon Lawlor
2nd  Place
"Splash Dance"
Dee Dee Murry 
3rd Place
"Move the Pub - Crossing Broken River" 
Jennifer Marshall
4th Place
"Wet behind the Ears"
Sharon Prestegard 
5th Place
"Painted Night"
Julie T. Chapman 
6th Place
"Kindly Hand"
Faye Taylor 
 7th Place
"Sleepy Morning"
Barbara Harmon 
8th Place
"Paints and Sage"
Gaylene Fortner 
“Red Rope Halter"
Alecia B. Underhill
 "Tres Blue"
Charles Rees
Gail Maslyk
 “Team Plus One"
Lynn Bishop
“Red Racer"
Christina Botzel
“The Yearling"
Joan Larson
“Zen Horse I"
Linda Luster
“The Blue and the Gray"
Karen Young
Lynn Bishop
Lois Andersen
Sherry Bryant
Suresh Choudhary
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