First Annual International Equine Art Competition 
  presented by 
  Art Horse Magazine 
List of artists and placings
Current Competition 

    List No. 1: Show Juried works list 
    These are works that were juried as a body to appear in Ex Arte Equinus' book programme, a printed and bound version of a juried gallery show published March 2010 (book also includes list #2, below). 

    List No. 2: Show Winners and Judges' Placings list 
    Judges for each category placed entries through ninth place.  First through fourth place images appear in issue #10 of Art Horse Magazine and the Ex Arte book programme, published March 2010. 

See the online galleries of Winners and Juried Works here:
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List No. 1: Show Juried works list
    Artists on the list below have works that have been juried to form the Ex Arte Equinus show. 
    They will be published in the Ex Arte Equinus book, a printed and bound version of a juried gallery show.  

    The Ex Arte Equinus book will be available March 2010. 
     (alphabetically by last name) 

    Gretchen Almy, �Duncan� 
    Marie Ackers, �The Finishing Line� 
    Artur Baboev, �Pink Gold of Legen� 
    Tucker Bailey, �Ira�s Horse� 
    Mallory Beinborn, �Arctic Machine� 
    Mallory Beinborn, �Cookie� 
    Susan J. Bell, �Lazy Afternoon� 
    Meghan Benge, �Dancing� 
    Linda Benton, �Plains Animal� 
    Suzanne Bird, �Divine Equine� 
    Julie Blair, �Arabian� 
    Julie T. Chapman, �Redheads� 
    Robyn Cook, �Now What?� 
    David Cramer, �Expectant� 
    David Cramer, �Top of the World� 
    Kimerlee Curyl, �Pure Spirits� 
    Rita Dee, �Steeplechase� 
    Hrvoje Dumancic, �Pegasus� 
    Hrvoje Dumancic, �Horses in Love� 
    Susan Fox, �Mongol Horse #3 - Young Stallion� 
    Anita Gersch, �Next Up� 
    Sara Gilman, �Dustin� 
    Sabina Haas, �Little Girl� 
    Sheon Hamilton-Grant, �Legacy� 
    L. Hudson-Tolles, �First Frost, (His) Last Winter� 
    Karen M. Kelly, �Red Rider� 
    Kathleen Kinkopf, �No Fear� 
    Kathleen Kinkopf, �Jumpoff� 
    Marianne Lerbs, �Equus� 
    Frances Marino, �Mares and Foals� 
    Kent Miklenda, �Zina Cloud Jumping� 
    Beth Osterkamp, �Morning Mist� 
    Stephen Rasche-Hilpert, �Equidographie Wittschnut� 
    Jill Regan, �Board Meeting at Fitzjoy� 
    Roy Reynolds, �Waiting for Water� 
    Marti J. Rhea, �Talisman� 
    Pat Roberts, �Playmates� 
    Mary Sand, �Mare and Foal� 
    Pat Schlesinger, �Dressage Expression� 
    Susan Sheets, �Proud� 
    Carl Silverstein, �The Foal� 
    Erica Taylor, �Mare�s Nest� 
    Sigal Tsabari, �Bougainvillea� 
    Alecia Underhill, Resistance 
    Sarah Van Ouwerkerk, �The Unicorn� 
    Sarah Van Ouwerkerk, �Fog� 
    September Vhay, �Autumn�s Gaze� 
    September Vhay, �Apache� 
    Judy Wood, �In the Woods� 
    Judy Wood, �Silver and Gold� 
    Ellen Woodbury, �A Kiss to the Wind� 
 List No. 2: Show Winners and Judges' Placings list
First through fourth placings will appear in issue #10 of Art Horse Magazine, 
and in the show programme book, both published March 2010. 

Overall Awards 

    Editor's Award  
    winner: "Jumpoff", Kathleen Kinkopf (Paintings) 
    Director's Award  
    winner: "Harmony", Bev Pettit (Photographs) 
    Book Artist Award 
    winner: "Horses in Love", Hrvoje Dumancic (Sculpture)
Category Placings 
    1st Place:  "Totilas Magic I", Sally Martin 
    2nd Place:  "Reflection", Adeline Halvorson 
    3rd Place:  "Tired and Hungry", Lindsey Bittner Graham 
    4th Place:  "Three Paint and the Gnashing of Teeth", Chad Sweet 
    5th Place:  "Lear's Princess", Robert Clark 
    6th Place:  "Yellow Pinney", Joanne Mehl 
    7th Place: "Horse of the Sun", Chad Sweet 
    8th Place: "Reluctant Crossing", Susan Sheets 
    9the Place: "Reflecting", Sally Martin 
    1st Place:  "A Gentle Eye", Robyn Cook 
    2nd  Place: "Catherino II", Julie Greig 
    3rd Place:  "Turning in the Lucerne", Jennifer Marshall 
    4th Place: "Rabbit in Field", Bridget Eileen Grady 
    5th Place:  "Attitude", Joni Beinborn 
    6th Place:  "Dressage and Details", Joni Beinborn 
    7th Place: "Drawing a Blank", Sheona Hamilton-Grant 
    8th Place: "Dark Champion", Julie Greig 
    9th Place: "Montana�s Half Moon", Maria D�Angelo 
    HM: "Golden Girl", Nancy Allen 
    1st place:  "Equestrian Angel", Kimberly Boyd Vickrey 
    2nd place:  "Dust", Sarah Jean Condon 
    3rd place: "Yearling Spirit", Analiese Moyer 
    4th place:  "Ghost Horse", Shana Nichols 
    5th place:  "Mare in Blizzard", Carol Walker 
    6th place:  "Gentled", Tina Thuell 
    7th place:  (Untitled) Marion Cox 
    8th place:  "Jugando en el Rio", Maria Rosa D'Elia Dementilla 
    9th place: "The Farrier", Sally Dale 
    1st Place:  "Last of the Mohicans", Edvins Krumins 
    2nd Place:  "Maggie", Mary Sand 
    3rd Place:  "Riding Off", David Geenty 
    4th Place:  "Iron Star", John Lopez 
    5th Place:   "Post Horse", Edvins Krumins 
    6th Place:  "Showtime", Mary Sand 
    7th Place: "Breaktime Yet?", Brian C. Barnes 
    8th place:  "Magic Box", Hrvoje Dumancic 
    9th place:  "Elegance", Yvonne Kitchen 
    Digital Art  
    1st Place:  "Shadows in Time", Ashlee Lynn Hill 
    2nd Place:  "Listening", Karen A. Roth 
    3rd Place:  "Concerto in the Sun", Kimberly Boyd Vickrey 
    4th Place:  "Camouflage", Tina Thuell 
    5th Place:   "Carrousel des Chevaux", Kimberly Boyd Vickrey 
    6th Place:  "Circles", Karen A. Roth 
    7th Place: "Equidographie Tessa", Stephen Rasche-Hilpert 
    8th place:  "Twilight's Confessor", Robert S. Hunter 
    9th place:  "Arabian", Edward Wood 

    First through fourth placings will appear in issue #10 of Art Horse Magazine,  
    and in the show programme book, both published March 2010.