First Annual International Equine Art Competition 
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  Art Horse Magazine 
List of artists and placings
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    List No. 1: Selected works list 
    These are works that were selected to appear in Ex Arte Equinus' book programme, a printed and bound version of a juried show published March 2011. 

    List No. 2: Show Winners and Judges' Placings list 
    Judges for each category placed entries through ninth place.  First through fourth place images appear in issue #12 of Art Horse Magazine and the Ex Arte book programme, published March 2011. 

See the online galleries of Winners and Juried Works here:
Director's Award, Editor's Award, Portfolio Award, Book Cover Award
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List No. 1: Selected works list
    Artists on the list below have works that have been selected from all the entries to form the Ex Arte Equinus show. 
    They will be published in the Ex Arte Equinus book, a printed and bound version of a juried gallery show, and represent approximately 10% of the  
    total number of entries.

    The Ex Arte Equinus book will be available March 2011. 
     (alphabetically by first name) 

    Alexandra Meulemans, "Water Falls"
    Allison Cantrell, " Sip n’ Itch"
    Angela Hartsog,  "Andalusian"
    Anita Gersch, " The View"
    Ann Heffron, "The Biter"
    Artur Baboev, "Dragon"
    Artur Baboev, "Night Demon"
    Artur Baboev, "Boom"
    Ĺse Nordanger, "Montana"
    Barb Young, "Bronc"
    Barbara Delaney Keirn,  " Windblown"
    Barbara Delaney Keirn, "Impatience"
    Barbara Delaney Keirn, "Incognito"
    Bénédicte Gelé, "Le Cri"
    Bénédicte Gelé, "Alerte VII"
    Bethany Kaiser, "Ghost Horse"
    Bev Petit, "Frisky Paint"
    Beth Osterkamp, "Mare Power"
    Beth Osterkamp, "River Crossing"
    Brian C. Barnes, "Apronstrings"
    Brian C. Barnes, " Otherwise, a Simply Stunning Summer’s Day"
    Carrie Green, "Motion 3"
    Catherine Lidden, " Basic Black"
    Catherine L. Gauldin, "Tandem Ponies"
    Charlotte Salomon, "Charge Sarge"
    Charlotte Salomon, "Gattleback"
    Chris Rankin, "The Pull"
    Clint Saunders, " Mustangs"
    Colleen Lochausen, " Thunderdance"
    Corinne Dupeyrat, " Fascination"
    Corinne Dupeyrat, " Apparition”
    Corinne Dupeyrat, " Orage"
    Corinne Dupeyrat, " Nemo"
    Cynthia Hoppin Shuler, "Eve Series One"
    Debby Thomas, "Engaging the Soul"
    Debra Sabeck,  (untitled digital piece)
    Debra Sabeck,  (untitled digital piece)
    Doris Madison, "Unbridled Fury"
    Elena Kolotusha, "Arabian"
    Ellen Cameron, "Can't Catch Me"
    Ellen Cameron, "A Pond Reflection"
    Erika Haight, "Ebony"
    Evert Ploeg  "Andrew Works Ben"
    Frances Marino, "I've Got Your Back"
    Frédérique Lavergne, "Mirada en Arte"
    Helen Bailey, "The Swimming Lesson"
    Hrvoje Dumancic, "The Horse Totem"
    Hrvoje Dumancic, "Mon ami"
    Hrvoje Dumancic, " Listening to the Wind"
    Isabelle Green, "Dorset Hunter/Jumper"
    Isabelle Green, " Super Sonic"
    Isabelle Green, " Queechee Polo"
    James P. O’Neal, "Hobo"
    Jan Galland, "All In A Day’s Work"
    Jeffrey Anderson, "Pensive"
    Jeffrey Anderson, "Caballo"
    Jeffrey Anderson, "Tuck"
    Jennifer M. Fox,  "Lazy Days"
    Jennifer M. Fox, "In The Hole"
    Jennifer Marshall, " What’s Going On?"
    John Lopez, "The Colt of Many Colors"
    Joni Beinborn, "The Buckskin"
    József Barkóczi, "Relationship"
    József Barkóczi, " In honor of Bartabas"
    Julie Blair, "Polo Pony"
    Julie T. Chapman, "Blaze Jumble"
    Kenna Al-Sayed, " Pair of Kings"Laara Cassells "Neither Medinat Nor Protocol"
    Laurence Poitrin  "Paint It Black"
    Laurence Poitrin, "Vaccares IV"
    Linda Luster, " Blue No. 1"
    Linda Luster, "Blue No. 2"
    Linda Luster, "Personal Space"
    Linda Luster, "Driven to the Finish"
    Linda Massey "No One Likes Bath Time"
    Lindsey Bittner Graham, "Wheel Team Power"
    Lisa Dearing, "Gusty Day"
    Lisa Dearing, "Night Runners"
    Lisa Dearing, "First Dance"
    Lisa Sharpe, "Moraffee"
    Mallory Beinborn, "Buckin"
    Mallory Beinborn, "Wrong Way"
    Mallory Beinborn, "Shadows"
    Margie Shoop, "Watching Music"
    Margie Shoop, "Cathedral"
    Mase Lucas, "Little Mustang"
    Mase Lucas, "Yellow Horse / Yellow Moon"
    Marti Rhea, "Flyaway"
    Mary Belford, " Shoo-Fly"
    Melinda Hughes-Berland, "White Thunder"
    Melissa Boyes, "In the Paddock"
    Melissa Boyes, "A Windy Day"
    Meredith Rachel Bogacz, " Ceann Capaill II"
    Meredith Rachel Bogacz, " Max"
    Meredith Rachel Bogacz, " Sentinel"
    Meredith Rachel Bogacz, " Capaill Amhain"
    Michelle Grant,  "Almost Dun" 
    Michelle Grant, " The Chase"
    Michelle Grant, "Storm Front"
    Morgen Kilbourn, " El Embosco (The Ambush)
    Morgen Kilbourn, " Iaret (Egyptian Striking Cobra)"
    Nancy Allen, " The Green Blanket"
    Naomi Shachar, "Left of the Fence"
    Quentin, Joanna Zeller, "Muse"
    Rick Raphael, "Ashton"
    Rickelle Nelson, "Game Face"
    Robert Clark, "Backtalk"
    Robin Farquarson, "Tree Horse"
    Sally Dale, " Will You Listen!"
    Sally Lancaster "What At You Looking At?"
    Sally Lancaster, "Reaching Out"
    Sally Martin, "La Garrocha"
    Sandy Rabinowitz "Ethereal  Horse "
    Sarah Jean Condon, "Companions"
    Sarah Kennedy, " Mustang Spirit"
    Sarah Van Owerkirk, "Calvin"
    September Vhay, "A Thousand Amazons"
    Shannon Lawlor  "Hurricane Deck Evacuated"
    Sheona Hamilton-Grant, " Hurricane
    Sheona Hamilton-Grant, " Holding On"
    Stephen Rasche-Hilpert, " Equidographie Kasirah"
    Tabatha Pack, " Elnathan" (Version 2 -“Gift of God”)
    Tammy Bality, " Abundance"
    Tammy Bality, "The Dun" (Cave Horse)
    Thierry Plouchard, "After the Race"
    Valerie Hinz, "On the Move"
    Vanja Karamatic Crew, "Posavina Stallions"
    Vanessa Wright, "All Grey Horses Return to the Sea"
    Whitney M. Hall, "August"
    Yvonne Kitchen, "Little Baby Clyde"
    Yvonne Kitchen, " Little Feathers"
 List No. 2: Show Winners and Judges' Placings list
First through fourth placings will appear in issue #12 of Art Horse Magazine, 
and in the show programme book, both published March 2011. 

Overall Awards 

    Editor's Award  
    Winner: "Almost Dun"  (Paintings)  Michelle Grant, Canada
    1st Runner Up: "Reaching Out" (Paintings), Sally Lancaster, UK
    2nd Runner Up:  "Dragon" (Photographs) Artur Baboev, Moscow, Russia
    3rd Runner Up:  "Relationship" (Drawings) József Barkóczi, Hungary

    Director's Award  
    Winner: "Paint It Black" (Paintings) Laurence Poitrin, France
    1st Runner Up: "Le Cri" (Drawings) Bénédicte Gelé, France
    2nd Runner Up:  "Mirada en Arte" (Paintings) Frédérique Lavergne, France
    3rd Runner Up: "The Pull" (Paintings) Chris Rankin

    Portfolio Award
    Winner: Corinne Dupeyrat, France
    1st runner up: József Barkóczi, Hungary
    2nd Runner Up: Bénédicte Gelé, France
    3rd Runner Up:  Mase Lucas, NC

    Book Artist Award 
    Winner: "Andalusian" (Paintings) Angela Hartsog, NC
Category Placings 
    1st Place:  "Andrew Works Ben: A Portrait of a Suffolk Punch", Evert Ploeg, Australia
    2nd Place:  "Eve Series One",  Cynthia Hoppin Shuler, FL
    3rd Place:  "Neither Medinat Nor Protocol", Laara Cassells, Canada
    4th Place:  "What At You Looking At?" Sally Lancaster, UK
    5th Place:  "Left of the Fence", Naomi Shachar, CA
    6th Place:  "Paint It Black", Laurence Poitrin, France
    Honorable Mention: "No One Likes Bath Time", Linda Massey, WI
    Honorable Mention: "Hurricane Deck Evacuated", Shannon Lawlor, Canada
    Honorable Mention: "On The Move", Valerie Hinz, Canada
    1st Place:  "Alerte VII", Bénédicte Gelé, France
    2nd  Place: "Nemo", Corinne Dupeyrat, France
    3rd Place:  "Lazy Days", Jennifer M. Fox,  MI
    4th Place: "Game Face", Rickelle Nelson, KY
    5th Place:  "Apparition", Corinne Dupeyrat, France
    6th Place:  "The Swimming Lesson", Helen Bailey, TX
    7th Place: "Tandem Ponies", Catherine L. Gauldin, Tx
    8th Place: "Holding On",  Sheona Hamilton-Grant, Germany
    9th Place: "The Buckskin", Joni Beinborn, WI
    Honorable Mention: "In The Hole", Jennifer M. Fox, MI
    1st place:  "Gusty Day",  Lisa Dearing, CA
    2nd place:  "Night Runners", Lisa Dearing, CA
    3rd place: "The Biter", Ann Heffron, UK
    4th place:  "Engaging the Soul", Debby Thomas, VA
    5th place:  "Pensive",  Jeffrey Anderson, MA
    6th place:  "Night Demon", Artur Baboev, Russia
    7th place:  "Bronc", Barb Young, CO
    8th place:  "First Dance",  Lisa Dearing, CA
    9th place: "Flyaway",  Marti Rhea, OR
    1st Place:  "Ceann Capaill II", Meredith Rachel Bogacz, NY
    2nd Place:  "El Embosco (The Ambush”, Morgen Kilbourn, NC
    3rd Place:  "The Horse Totem", Hrvoje Dumancic, Croatia
    4th Place:  "Apronstrings",  Brian C. Barnes, PA
    5th Place:   "Iaret, Egyptian Striking Cobra", Morgen Kilbourn, NC
    6th Place:  "Mon ami", Hrvoje Dumancic, Croatia
    7th Place: "Montana", Ĺse Nordanger, Norway
    8th place:  "Abundance", Tammy Bality, CO
    9th place:  "The Dun (Cave Horse)", Tammy Bality, CO
    Honorable Mention:  "Hobo", James P. O'Neal, NJ
    Honorable Mention:  "Little Baby Clyde", Yvonne Kitchen, OR
    Digital Art  
    1st Place:  "Charge Sarge", Charlotte Salomon, UK
    2nd Place:  "Will You Listen!" Sally Dale, UK
    3rd Place:  (untitled) Debra Sabeck, AZ
    4th Place:  "Ashton", Rick Raphael, VT
    5th Place:   "Driven to the Finish", Linda B. Luster, MA
    6th Place:  "White Thunder", Melinda Hughes-Berland, CA
    7th Place: "Queechee Polo", Isabelle Green, VT
    8th place:  "Mare Power", Beth Osterkamp, TX
    9th place:  "Super Sonic", Isabelle Green, VT

    First through fourth placings will appear in issue #12 of Art Horse Magazine,  
    and in the show programme book, both published March 2011.