First Annual International Equine Art Competition 
  presented by 
  Art Horse Magazine 
List of artists and placings
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    List No. 1: Finalists works list 
    These are works that were chosen to appear in Ex Arte Equinus' book programme, a printed and bound version of a juried show published March 2012. 

    List No. 2: Judges' Placings list 
    Judges for each category placed entries through ninth place.  First through fourth place images appear in issue #14 of Art Horse Magazine and the Ex Arte book programme, published March 2012. 

See the online galleries of Winners and Juried Works here:
Director's Award, Editor's Award, Portfolio Award, Book Cover Award
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List No. 1: Finalists works list
    Artists on the list below have works that have been selected from all the entries to form the Ex Arte Equinus show. 
    They will be published in the Ex Arte Equinus book, a printed and bound version of a juried gallery show, and represent approximately 10% of the  total number of entries.  

    The Ex Arte Equinus book will be available March 2012. 
     (alphabetically by artist's first name) 

    Alecia Underhill, Teamwork
    Alex Bauwens, Turbo
    Andrea Kornfeld, Race of the Ghosts
    Ann Degenhardt, Untitled
    Ann Degenhardt, One in the Water
    Ann Degenhardt, Confronting Boundaries
    Ann Goble, Monsoon
    Ann Hollaway, Startle
    Ann Hollaway, Locomotion
    Anne Berry, Captain Morgan
    Anne Hoover, Sunrise Workout
    Annette Randall, Veterans
    Annette Randall, Take Five
    Andy Scott, Ginger
    Andy Scott, The Belvedere Cob
    Anna Gärberg, Watchers
    A.M. Clark, Ghost of Rides Past
    Amy Laugesen, Hayden Herd- Day 8 Horse Study
    Astrid Harrisson, Poetry in Motion
    Barb Young, Working Equitation
    Barb Young, On a Mission
    Barb Young, Greeting
    Bob Clark, Everybody is Lookin' at Lucky
    Bobbie Whitman, Hard Day
    Britt Ripley, White Percheron
    Cathrin Schulz, Authenticity of America
    Carol Walker, Snow Day for the Mustangs
    Cheryl Koen, Power
    Christina Boetzel, The Old Stallion
    Craig Pursley, Samson
    Deb Cepeda, The Whitney Bridge Bunch
    Deb Cepeda, Cowboy
    Deborah LaFogg-Docherty, Scorn
    Debra Sabeck, Xingu
    Debra Sabeck, Dust Storm
    Dorothy Puddester, Hidden
    Doug Hays, Red Horse
    Diana Jensen Vestergaard, The Runaway Ponies
    Ellen Cameron, Distant Thunder
    Ellen Cameron, Sunday go to Meeting
    Ellen Cameron, Distant Thunder
    Ellen Cameron, Crisp and clear
    Engela Gobregts, Closeness III
    Engela Gobregts, Feathersoft Arabian Motion
    Erika Nicole Haight, Cimmeron
    Evert Ploeg, Intergaze
    Frances Marino, The Competitive Edge
    Frederique Lavergne, Mehendi for Humayun
    Gena Lee Tharp, Percheron Power
    Gretchen Almy, Approach
    Gretchen Almy, Medallion
    Hanna Shergold, Thoroughbred Racehorse
    Hanna Shergold, Arabian Elements
    Helen Bailey, Second Glance
    Hope Wallen, What Color is a White Horse?
    Isabelle Green, Quechee vs Surya Polo
    Jan Van Ek, Sea of Dreams II
    Jan Van Ek, Angels Landing
    Janice Fischer, Ethereal
    Janice Fischer, Justo
    Janet Edington, Bucephalus
    Janet Edington, Blood Sweat and Roses
    Janet Rawlings, Stirring Up Dust
    Jennifer Marshall, Sergeant Raking Lucerne
    Jennifer Zeller, Scatter Butte
    Jessica Orfe, In Dreams
    Jill Johnson, Winner's Circle
    John Hoskin, Perfect Wave
    John Hoskin, Open Gate
    John Plishka, Valor in the Charge
    John Plishka, Outrider
    József Barkóczi, Friesian Stallion Portrait
    Joni Monroe Beinborn, Blue Blanket
    Julie Greig, Learning to Fly-Noddy
    Julie Greig, Best Mates
    Julie Smith, Humidity
    Kate Hoffman, Horse Swimming
    Kenna Al-Sayed, Al Aryam Pride
    Kent Miklenda, Silver Flame
    Kent Miklenda, Zed
    Kent Miklenda, Silver
    Kim Irwin, Major Promise
    Leah Earle, Kota
    Linda Luster, Inward
    Linda Luster, Zen Reflection
    Lindsey Bittner Graham, Criollo Horses
    Louise Peterson, Lazy Boy
    Mallory Beinborn, Going Home
    Mallory Beinborn, Watchful Eye
    Mallory Beinborn, Ricco
    Mallory Beinborn, Phoebe
    Mallory Beinborn, The Trees
    Marcia Spivak, Trainer's Choice
    Margie Shoop, Contrast of Music in Arena
    Maria D'Angelo, Dakota
    Marissa Meyzen, Space and Time
    Marti Rhea, Choir Boys
    Mary Brun, Bucefalo
    Mary Sand, Exuberance
    Meredith R. Bogacz, Bien que mon coeur casse
    Michelle Grant, Sky High
    Mikki Senkarik, Red Ribbons
    Morgen Kilbourn, Baroque Horse
    Morgen Kilbourn, Hazel
    Naomi Shachar, Copper
    Pat Roberts, Miss Tessie
    Pauline Sharp, Vanner Spirit
    Phil Napala, Carter's Cavalry Charge
    Phil Napala, Union Cavalry, First Battle of Manassas
    Rachael Waller, War Child
    Robin Cook, Bad Idea, Both Times
    Robin Cook, Fair Weather Friend
    Rosellen Westerhoff, Bellus Equus
    Rosellen Westerhoff, Taken from the Pryor Mountains
    Ryan Courson, Together Again
    Ryan Courson, That's the Spot
    Sally Fuess, Dublin Cart Horse
    Sandra Lamontagne, Roping Stars
    Sarah Jean Condon, Whisper
    Sarah Phippen, Mid-morning Snack
    September Vhay, Nora's Gait
    September Vhay, Alacrity
    Shannon Lawlor, Casey
    Shawn Turley, Wind
    Sheona Hamilton-Grant, Agape Touch
    Stacy Gardner, Cattywampus
    Stephanie Corbett, Arabian Mare
    Stephanie Rose Long, Joker
    Stephen Lang, Mirage
    Tere Goldstein, Hot Under the Collar
    Tere Goldstein, Peak Thru
    Tere Goldstein, De La Noche
    Tere Goldstein, Gentleman
    Therese Arp, Doubled Horse
    Tina Thuell, Liquid Gold
    Tina Thuell, Ghost in the Darkness
    Tony O'Connor, Sunlit Bay
    Tony O'Connor, A Winter's Tail
    Valerie Hinz, Gladstone Warmup
    Valerie Hinz, Second Time Around
    Vanja Karamatic Crew, Police Officers
    Wendy Hart Penner, Brand New
    William Rogers, Seven Eighths
    Zu Sheng, Horse II
 List No. 2: Judges' Placings list
First through fourth placings will appear in issue #14 of Art Horse Magazine, 
and in the show programme book, both published March 2012.
(Runner Ups and Honorable Mentions are in no particular order)

Overall Awards 

(runners-up are in no particular order)

    Editor's Award  
    Winner: Nora's Gait (Painting) September Vhay, WY
    Runner Up: Criollo Horses, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica  (Painting) Lindsey Bittner Graham
    Runner Up: Police Officers, (Drawing) Vanja Karamatic Crew, UK
    Runner Up: Vanner Spirit, (Painting) Pauline Sharp, Ireland 

    Director's Award  
    Winner: Bellus Equus, (Drawing) Rosellen Westerhoff, MT 
    Runner Up: Hot Under the Collar (Painting), Tere Goldstein, TX 
    Runner Up: Distant Thunder, (Photography) Ellen Cameron, Canada
    Runner Up: Monsoon (Painting), Ann Gobel, GA 

    Portfolio Award
    Winner: Valerie Hinz, Canada www.valeriehinzoriginalart.com
    Runner Up: September Vhay, WY
    Runner Up: Lindsey Bittner Graham 
    Runner Up: Tony O'Connor, Ireland

    Book Artist Award 
    Winner: "Startle" (Drawing), Ann Hollaway, UK

Category Placings 
    1st Place:  Casey, Shannon Lawlor, Canada
    2nd Place:  Sunlit Bay, Tony O'Connor, Ireland
    3rd Place:  Decreto, Kim Irwin, Isle of Wight, UK
    4th Place:  Samson, Craig Pursley, NH
    5th Place:  Space and Time, Marissa Meyzen, MA
    6th Place:  Horse Swimming, Kate Hoffman , CA
    Honorable Mention: Gladstone Warmup, Valerie Hinz, Canada
    Honorable Mention: Alacrity, September Vhay, WY
    Honorable Mention: 1 Mid-Morning Snack, Sarah Phippen, CO
    Honorable Mention: Doubled Horse, Therese Arp, Germany

    1st Place:  The Whitney Bridge Bunch, Debra Cepeda, WA
    2nd  Place:  Veterans, Annette Randall, UT
    3rd Place:  Learning to Fly - Noddy, Julie Greig, New Zealand
    4th Place:  Bad Idea, Both Times, Robin Cook, MO
    5th Place:  Joker, Pastel, Stephanie Rose Long, NV
    6th Place:  De La Noche, Tere Goldstein, TX
    Honorable Mention: Stirring Up Dust, Janet Rawlings, OR
    Honorable Mention: Scorn, Deborah LaFogg-Docherty, FL
    Honorable Mention: Best Mates, Julie Greig, New Zealand

    1st place:  One in the Water, Ann Degenhardt, KS
    2nd place:  Choir Boys, Marti Rhea, OR
    3rd place:  Hard Day, Bobbie Whitman, FL
    4th place:   Phoebe, Mallory Beinborn, WI
    5th place:   Ricco, Mallory Beinborn, WI
    6th place:   On a Mission, Barb Young, CO
    Honorable Mention: Confronting Boundaries, Ann Degenhardt, KS
    Honorable Mention: Open Gate, John Hoskin, AZ
    Honorable Mention: Sunrise Workout, Anne Hoover, CA

    1st Place:  Ginger, Andy Scott, Scotland
    2nd Place:  Thoroughbred Racehorse, Hanna Shergold, UK
    3rd Place:  Angels Landing, Jan Van Ek, OR
    4th Place:  Arabian Elements, Hanna Shergold, UK
    5th Place: Hazel, Morgen Kilbourn, NC.
    6th Place:  Hayden Herd-Day 8 Horse Study, Amy Laugesen, CO
    Honorable Mention:  The Belvedere Cob, Andy Scott, Scotland
    Honorable Mention: Red Horse, Doug Hays, FL

    Digital Art  
    1st Place:  Liquid Gold, Tina Thuell, TX
    2nd Place:  Poetry in Motion, Astrid Harrisson, UK
    3rd Place:  Cimmeron, Erika Nicole Haight, UT
    4th Place:  Silver Flame, Kent Miklenda, Australia
    5th Place:   Union Cavalry, 1st Battle of Manassas: Renacted, Phil Napala, VA
    6th Place:   Sunday Go to Meeting, Ellen Cameron, Canada
    Honorable Mention: Together Again, Ryan Courson, Canada
    Honorable Mention: Crisp and Clear, Ellen Cameron, Canada
    Honorable Mention: Arabian Mare, Stephanie Corbett, Canada

    First through fourth placings will appear in issue #14 of Art Horse Magazine,  
    and in the show programme book, both published March 2012.