Annual International Equine Art Competition 
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  Art Horse Magazine 
List of artists and placings
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    List No. 1: Finalists works list 
    These are works that were chosen to appear in Ex Arte Equinus' book programme, a printed and bound version of a juried show published March 2013. 

    List No. 2: Judges' Placings list 
    Judges placings for each category.  First through fourth place images appear in issue #16 of Art Horse Magazine and the Ex Arte book programme, published March 2013. 

See the online galleries of Winners and Juried Works here:
Director's Award, Editor's Award, Portfolio Award, Book Cover Award
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List No. 1: Finalists works list
These finalists represent approximately 10% of the total number of entries.)
    Artists on the list below have works that have been selected from all the entries to form the Ex Arte Equinus show. 
    These artists will be published in the Ex Arte Equinus book, a printed and bound version of a juried gallery show.

    The Ex Arte Equinus book will be available March 2013. 
     (alphabetically by artist's first name) 

    Alex Alvis, Look!
    Alicia Quist Wopereis, Morning Light
    Alison Burnett, Equisonant
    Amy Charissa Scott, Focus
    Amy Goodman, Pegasus
    Andrea Michael, Spirit
    Andrea Michael, Friesian Study
    Ann Goble, The Boss
    Anna Gärberg, Dancer
    Anna Gärberg, Flock
    Ase Nordanger, Panic / Breaking Loose
    Ase Nordanger, The Worker
    Ashlee Hill, Twister & Playboy
    Astrid Harrisson, Stow Stampede
    Astrid Harrisson, Tango
    Barb Young, Into the Light
    Barb Young, Early Run
    Barb Young, Blue Horse
    Bev Pettit, Grace
    Bev Pettit, Majesty
    Britt Ripley, Stratified Horses No. 7
    Bruno Barata, Untitled
    Carol Fraser, The Itch
    Carol J. Walker, Black and White Stallion
    Carol J. Walker, Cheyenne and Corona at Dawn
    Carole Andreen-Harris, Scraping the Paint
    Carrie Green, Pinocho
    Carrie Green, Tiny
    Catherine Lidden, All Dun
    Christina Boetzel, Argentinus
    Christine Croarkin, Paso Fino
    Christine Croarkin, Old Man Horse
    Colleen Sternberger, Morning Light
    Courtney Townsend, Friesian Dreams
    Courtney Townsend, White Horse Dream
    Crystal Cook, Twilight
    Crystal N Philbrook, Whiskers
    Curt Mattson, When Lancers Won The Day
    Denise Koyama, Spirit
    Diane Elizabeth Williams, Journey
    Diana Allison, Ready When You Are
    Diane Bliessen, Galopp
    Donna Bernstein, Tandem II
    Eleanor-rose Stamp, Cloverhill Billy
    Elise Genest, Pluie d'Or
    Engela Gobregts, Brothers Bonding
    Engela Gobregts, Ethereal Evening Walk
    Frances Marino, Trouble Makers
    Frances Marino, Ride Like You Stole It
    Gretchen Almy, Playtime
    Hazel Morgan, Rhythm
    Helen Bailey, Maclintock V
    Helen Bailey, A Mother's Care
    Herb Roe, Valse du Vacher
    James Tennison, The Andalusian
    James Tennison, The Friesian in Fort Worth
    Jane Stone, That'll Do
    Janet Moczar, Friesian
    Janet Moczar, Tankers
    Janet Moczar, Overcoming Obstacles
    Janis Whitcomb, Radalta King
    Jayne M. Silberman, Mane Impression
    Jennifer Fox, The Run Out of Carson City
    Jennifer Pratt, Poppy
    Jenny Horstman, Starting Gate
    Jenny Horstman, Sunday's Shadow
    Jerry Cargill, Idaho 5
    Jillian Chilson, Road Not Taken
    Joan Larson, Sable Reflection
    Joanna Zeller Quentin, Forward
    John Lopez, Flying High
    John Lopez, Top Knot
    Joni Monroe Beinborn, Blondie
    Judy L. Neill, Matched Pair
    Judy L. Neill, Dancing Horses

    Julia Levitina, Mnemosyne (The Sails of Memory)
    Julia Levitina, Don't Wake Juniper
    Julia Levitina, Defy
    Julie T. Chapman, Muzzle Velocity
    Julie T Chapman, Bald-faced Bulldogger
    Katherine Colby, Final Farewell
    Kathleen Ryan, You Looking at Me?
    Kenna Al-Sayed, I am the Day
    Kenna Al-Sayed, I Am the Night
    Kimberly B. Vickrey, The Black
    Kimberly B. Vickrey, The French Stallion
    Laura Hardie, Time Out
    Laura Hardie, Pep Talk
    Laurence Poitrin, L'Etalon du Marais
    Laurence Poitrin, Presence
    Laurence Poitrin, Verona
    Lesstro Leszek Piotrowski, Brown Wind
    Linda Finstad, Black Stallion
    Lindsey Bittner Graham, Glory Ride
    Lisa Cueman, Free Spirit
    Lyn Green, Through the Dust
    Lyndsey Warren, Dark Horse Emotive
    Lyndsey Warren, Flight
    Lyndsey Warren, Aerion
    Lynn A. Fraley, Rocket's Merry Jet
    Lynn A. Fraley, Backbeat Thunder
    Maria D'Angelo, Can You Keep A Secret
    Mark Mcgregor, Sunlight Lunge
    Marlin Rotach, Moonlit Rendezvous
    Mary Sand, Hickstead
    Michael Weitzman, Freedom
    Michael Weitzman, Zeus
    Michael Weitzman, Gypsy
    Michelle Grant, Pete
    Michelle Grant, All Charged Up
    Michele King, One
    Michele King, Two
    Michelle Twohig, Double Vanilla
    Nancy Bateman, Andalusian Dream
    Nancy Bateman, Ghost in Flight
    Nigel Baker, Suffolk Stallion
    Normantė Ribokaitė, Assemblage
    Pauline Sharp, Elsa's Shake
    Phyllis Burchett, Flair
    Rebecca Gullett, Contours
    Renske Schuilenga, Morpheus
    Robert Clark, First Dude's Hollywood Gold Cup
    Robynn Smith, Herd #2
    Robynn Smith, Kindred
    Robynn Smith, Traveller
    Ruth Buchanan, Once in a Lifetime
    Sara Johani, Extreme Equipoise-Gallop
    Sara Johani, Extreme Equipoise-Passage
    September Vhay, Dreamwalker's Dream
    September Vhay, Blue Mustang
    Scott Hoyle, Black Horse
    Sharon Hirsch, Heading In
    Shawn Faust, Big Fella
    Stephanie Laird, Fast Appy
    Stephanie Moon, Spots
    Stephanie Moon, Curves
    Stephanie Revennaugh, Elegant Repose
    Stephanie Revennaugh, Reach Recklessly
    Stephanie Revennaugh, Beautiful Together
    Stephanie Revennaugh, Focus
    Stephanie Revennaugh, Search
    Stephen Lang, Languid
    Stephen Lang, After the Hunt
    Stephen Lang, Into the Light
    Susan Friedman, Pegasus
    Terry Kirkland Cook, The Beautiful Dream
    Tina Thuell, Follow Me
    Tina Thuell, The Pact
    Tina Thuell, The King
    Tony Stromberg, Perfection
    Tony Stromberg, Sapphire
    Valarie Wolf, Leading
 List No. 2: Judges' Placings list
First through fourth placings will appear in issue #16 of Art Horse Magazine, 
and in the show programme book, both published March 2013.
(Runner Ups and Honorable Mentions are in no particular order)

Overall Awards 

(Runners-up and Honorable Mentions are in no particular order)

Book Artist Award 
Winner: Dark Horse Emotive; Digital Art; Lyndsey Warren, VA
    Editor's Award  
    Winner:  L'Etalon du Marais, Laurence Poitrin, France
    Runner Up:  I am the Day, Kenna Al-Sayed, IN
    Runner Up: Flight, Lyndsey Warren, VA
    Runner Up:  Dancer, Anna Gärberg, Sweden

    Director's Award  
    Winner: Dark Horse Emotive, Lyndsey Warren, VA
    Runner Up: Trouble Makers, Frances Marino, CO
    Runner Up: Muzzle Velocity, Julie T. Chapman, MT
    Runner Up: Assemblage, Normantė Ribokaitė, Lithuania

    Portfolio Award
    Winner: Stephanie Revennaugh, MT
    Runner Up: Laurence Poitrin, France
    Runner Up: Lyndsey Warren, VA
    Runner Up: Robynn Smith, CA

Category Placings 
    1st Place:  Dreamwalker's Dream, September Vhay, WY
    2nd Place:  The Andalusian, James Tennison, TX
    3rd Place:  L'Etalon du Marais, Laurence Poitrin, France
    4th Place:  Moonlit Rendezvous, Marlin Rotach, MO
    5th Place:  Elsa's Shake, Pauline Sharp, Ireland
    6th Place:   Scraping the Paint, Carole Andreen-Harris, AZ
    Honorable Mention:  Cloverhill Billy, Eleanor-rose Stamp, UK
    Honorable Mention: Twilight, Crystal Cook, UT
    Honorable Mention:  Valse du Vacher, Herb Roe, LA

    1st Place:  Time Out, Laura Hardie, UK
    2nd  Place:  Big Fella, Shawn Faust, DE
    3rd Place:   Spirit, Denise Koyama, CA
    4th Place:   Pete, Michelle Grant, Canada
    5th Place:  Argentinus, Christina Boetzel, Germany
    6th Place:   Herd #2, Robynn Smith, CA
    Honorable Mention:  Spirit, Andrea Michael, Australia
    Honorable Mention:  Morning Light, Alicia Quist Wopereis, Canada
    Honorable Mention:  Panic, Ase Nordanger, Norway

    1st place:   Freedom, Michael Weitzman, CA
    2nd place:  Contours, Rebecca Gullett, Canada
    3rd place:   Grace, Bev Pettit, AZ
    4th place:   Zeus, Michael Weitzman, CA
    5th place:   Brothers Bonding, Engela Gobregts, South Africa
    6th place:   Languid, Stephen Lang, NY
    Honorable Mention:  That'll Do, Jane Stone, Australia
    Honorable Mention:  Black and White Stallion, Carol J. Walker, CO
    Honorable Mention:  Into the Light, Barb Young, CO

    1st Place:  Mnemosyne (The Sails of Memory), Julia Levitina, PA
    2nd Place:  Elegant Repose, Stephanie Revennaugh, MT
    3rd Place:  Reach Recklessly, Stephanie Revennaugh, MT
    4th Place:  Look! Alex Alvis, CO
    5th Place: Friesian, Janet Moczar, MT
    6th Place:  Starting Gate, Jenny Horstman, NY
    Honorable Mention:  Extreme Equipoise – Gallop, Sara Johani, WA
    Honorable Mention:  Flock, Anna Gärberg, Norway
    Honorable Mention:  Don't Wake Juniper, Julia Levitina, PA

    Digital Art  
    1st Place:  Follow Me, Tina Thuell, TX
    2nd Place:  Black Stallion, Linda Finstad, Canada
    3rd Place:  Matched Pair, Judy L. Neill, OR
    4th Place:  Friesian Dreams, Courtney Townsend, Canada
    5th Place:  Fast Appy, Stephanie Laird
    6th Place:   Ready When You Are, Diana Allison, SD
    Honorable Mention:  The Beautiful Dream, Terry Kirkland Cook, NC
    Honorable Mention:  The Black, Kimberly B. Vickrey
    Honorable Mention:  Perfection, Tony Stromberg, NM

    First through fourth placings will appear in issue #16 of Art Horse Magazine,  
    and in the show programme book, both published March 2013.