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    Art Horse is the magazine for equine artists, collectors, and horse people--a magazine that looks into subjects that other horse and art magazines don't cover. 

    Published twice a year (summer and winter), we'll have articles to spark both your imagination and your creative muse.  

    Our articles feature breed studies, historical horses and art, artist interviews, and even short fiction.  

    It's all about the art and it's all about the horses.  What else is there?  

    Art Horse Magazine
    is currently on hiatus,
    but back issues are still available via our store.

      In the latest Issue: 

      Art Horse No. 16
      • The Lipizzaner
      • Ex Arte Winners
      • The Samurai
      • The Artemision Horse
      • Artist: George Stubbs
see inside!

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    See inside issue #4!  Want to know even more? 
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Issue 16: Lipizzaner 
Issue 16: Lipizzaner
(cover image: Christiane Slawik
Horse in the Civil War book 
    International Equine Art Competiton
    see the gallery of winners!
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